Superior Food Truck POS Benefits and Features

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Optimized Food Truck POS System

Increase Productivity - Food Truck POS system can dramatically reduce the time you have to spend doing inventory, sales figures, and other repetitive but important paperwork. The savings here: time and peace of mind. These features make checkout faster – no more long lines so your customers get faster, more accurate service.

Homepage Food Truck POS
Improved Catering Sales and Better Route Planning

Sales Tracking Capabilities: Know which route is most profitable, which products to carry for each route and speed up ordering during busy lunch hours. In addition to allowing the trucks to accept credit, debit and gift cards, the system lets you track cash transactions as well. You can run a report daily to see what products are selling the most. This is an important feature as it allows you to get a complete view of what is happening via an Internet portal.

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Food Truck Owners Rejoice! Easy Absentee Ownership

Managing your food truck fleet has never been so easy: anti-theft features give you peace of mind, and web access to data for convenience. In addition to providing information about sales data, the system can provide time and attendance reports and show how much each employee sold on each food truck.

Homepage Food Truck POS

Food Truck POS Point of Sale Solution: Software, Hardware, Printer, Payment Processing & Wireless Peripherals

Food Truck POS System

Food Truck POS, by Red River POS is is specifically designed for mobile food trucks. Our touchscreen POS systems and wireless hand held are fast, reliable, and optimized for food truck operators. Limited time offer, Food Truck POS System are on sale

Our Food Truck POS system includes integrated printer, credit card reader, gift card, small footprint for space and convenience, and ruggedly design for the long haul.


Support just got better!

We have upgraded our support to provide faster response and better support. Free support for one year! Support staff are available to you 24/7, 365 days a year. We are here to help.


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We have installed hundreds of pos units. Competitive advantage (wireless technology, features, customer service), that is why many operators choose Food Truck POS.